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Eyes: brown
Hair: blond
Height: 5' 11"
Gift: Reinforce
Class: A (Enhancer)

Tannin is Onin's roommate at ABG.

Tannin acts goofy, and pretends to be a lot dumber than he is to entertain people. He doesn't like to see people suffer, and thinks everyone else takes everything way too seriously, so he acts goofy to cheer others up and lighten the mood. He considers everyone his friend, and will defend his friends from anyone who tries to hurt them.

Tannin likes to consider himself a ladie's man, and dates a lot of different women, but hasn't found one he's serious about yet.

Tannin has been studying kenjutsu since he was a small child, and is a proficient swordsman.

Gift: Tannin can reinforce, or strenghen an object he's touching. For instance, he can make a thin t-shirt strong enough to stop bullets.