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Vinrid is Elrund's sword. It is a Melee first-class Weapon of Power. Created to function in conjunction with Vashti.

Vinrid has been passed down from father to son in Elrund's family for generations.

Weapon-specific commands:

  • Blast: Fires a blast of stored energy at a target.

Audio command is repeatable as fast as you can say the word, and as long as Vinrid has energy available. Uses a pre-set energy level for the blast.

Choreography command: Hold sword with one arm extended, pointed straight at a target. Wait for the blade to glow, then, keeping weapon pointed at target, pull sword back to your chest, then thrust forward toward the target. Energy level can be increased by holding the weapon to your chest for a longer time. Difficult to implement on fast moving targets.

  • Cataclysm:

Area of Effect attack that fires a wave of destructive energy off the edge of the sword. Good for taking out large groups of targets. Very hard to control in situations where precision hits are required.

Choreography command: Wave the sword above the head in a figure eight pattern until it glows, then swing the sword in the general direction you want to wreak havoc. The longer the sword is swung in the figure-eight after it starts glowing, the more energy will be expelled.

Shares "Cataclysm" with Vashti. The only first-class Weapon of Power to share a weapon-specific command with another first-class Weapon of Power.