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A series of weapons made hundreds of years ago. The weapons are made using lost onicranium tech.

A weapon of power utilizes onicranium's energy properties to store energy from almost any source. The weapon's stored energy is used for it's abilities. If enough energy is not stored, the ability will not execute.

In addition to being almost indestructible, the weapons have almost magical abilities. Some abilities are shared (all weapons able to execute), and there are abilities specific to each weapon.

First-class Weapons of Power are further divided into two sub-groups, Ranged, and Melee. These terms, however, have distinctive meanings as applied to a Weapon of Power. For this application, "Melee" means a Weapon that has an average maximum attack range of 100 yards, whereas "Ranged" means a Weapon that is most effective from 100 yards to 5,000 miles. (Note: In spite of the theoretical maximum range, most ranged Weapons are limited to Line Of Sight due to user eyesight and co-ordination issues.)

Usage Note: Due to the nature of onicranium, stored energy must be expelled if the weapon is 'over-charged'.

Weapon States

Each Weapon of Power has two modes, or states. "Awake", or "Asleep".

  • Asleep

When asleep, the weapon resembles any other "normal" weapon. In this state, the weapon cannot use any of its advanced abilities. The weapon can be used as a normal weapon that it resembles, but this not recommended, as damage to the weapon that could be prevented in its "Awake" state may occur.

The weapon in this state can passively acquire energy, but not as efficiently as when using the "Sing" ability.

The weapon's User Protection feature is also active when the weapon is asleep.

  • Awake

When awake, a Weapon of Power can utilize it's full ability set. When awake, the weapon will be surrounded by a blue glow (may be difficult to see in bright light.)

To awaken a Weapon of Power, an authorized user must be holding the hilt. Next, the user must "think" at the weapon to awaken. (see the note under User Protection)

If a weapon does not have sufficient stored energy, it will not awaken. If this is the case, expose the weapon to an energy source until it has gathered sufficient energy to awaken.

First-class Weapons of Power

  • Stiget (whip - mid-range)
  • Vashti (staff - ranged)
  • Vinrid (sword - melee)

How to execute Commands

There are two ways to execute each command; voice commands, and choreography commands.

To activate a voice command, simply say the word. Choreography commands are activated by executing steps, motions, and movements in a precise pattern. There are advantages to each. Voice commands execute the desired ability immediately, but at a reduced and set power, with no options. Choreography commands take longer to implement, and are harder to master, but can execute an ability at any power level available, and with various options depending on the command.

For example: The voice command for Sleep will render all targets in a ten yard radius uncurious for five minuets (or less if the weapon is removed from the ground before that time.) The choreography command for sleep, however, allows a user to select any size of target radius up to ten yards, and the targets will remain asleep until the weapon is removed from the ground.

Abilities can be chained together to form new attack/defense patterns. Usually, this is accomplished by saying a voice command at the same time you are executing a different choreography command. Voice commands can be chained, but this requires a nuance in pronunciation and speech patterns, as most voice commands are executed immediately.

Shared commands

First-class weapons of power have a set of shared abilities (all weapons can execute) in addition to each weapons specific abilities (only that weapon can execute.) See the entry for a specific weapon for it's specific ability.

Below are the shared commands along with usage notes.

  • User-Protection

Each weapon can only be wielded by it's master. If an un-authorized person grabs the hilt of the weapon, stored power will be discharged across the surface of the weapon in the form of an electrical discharge.

This "command" is automatic. To authorize another user, the authorized user, and the party to be granted access must both hold the hilt at the same time while the weapon is in it's "sleep" state. While holding, think that this person should be granted use of the weapon.

(Note: The weapon is not sentient. It uses a variety of bio-feedback patterns and other mechanisms too complicated for this manual to determine a few very specific user "thoughts".)

  • Sleep

Renders anyone within ten yards unconscious. (Further range may be possible with sufficient stored energy AND the use of the choreography command.)

Audio command: Say "Sleep" as you shove weapon into the ground.

Choreography; Hold weapon parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the body, centered at the chest. Spin in a circle, releasing stored energy from the weapon. When a hazy circle of light forms with the desired circumference, point weapon straight at the ground, place one palm on the pommel (if applicable), and shove point first into the ground. To wake with both options, remove weapon point from the ground. Note: Sleep will have no effect on targets who also wield another Weapon of Power.

  • Sing

Sucks in energy from the surrounding area at an increased rate.

Choreography is simply sticking the weapon in a source of energy.

Sing is a defensive ability. Useful for blocking shots, absorbing radiation, or avoiding sunburn/heatstroke. Sing terminates at either the beginning of the next command, or if the weapon is unable to store more energy.

  • Shield

Does what the name implies.