Kelra, Queen

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Height: 6'
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Queen of <a href="alandra.php">Alandra</a>, wife to Enuld, sister to Atina, and mother of Elrund.

Kelra has been unusual as an Alandran Queen. All previous monarchs, male or female, participated with distinction in battle. Kelra has served her time in the military (as required of all Alandran citizens), but instead of accepting a promotion when she married Enuld, Kelra has chosen to take a supporting role.

She has conceived and implemented a number of emergency protocols for the capital city's inhabitants to follow during an attack. These procedures have saved countless lives as well as reduced property and infrastructure damage.

She also heads a relief team that is in charge of restoring order, clean-up, and distributing emergency supplies and medical relief to locations across Alandra that are victims of Vincetii attacks.