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Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Honey-brown
Height: 5' 8"
Gift: Vassal (Telpathy)

Amaryllis - Herald of the Wizard

Amyaryllis is half Nekotion, and half Gesaran. Her ears resemble cat ears, and are on top of her head, and she also has a fur-covered tail.

She's madly in love with The Wizard Ryogin. At first it was because he rescued her from the Natas when she was thirteen, but she's grown to admire him for other reasons now.

Gift: Vassal (sub-set of telepath) She can copy other's gifts (at a reduced level, and with permission.)

Her gift comes in two parts:

1. Direct permanent telepathic/gift link with a master. This is a one-use, lifetime two-way bond. She can telepathically communicate with, and share her master's power at 90%. This requires consent of both parties. She's used this with Ryogin.

2. She can have another giftling share their gift with her. Restrictions: Requires both parties to consent. Amaryllis can access the gift at anywhere from 50% to 80% power, depending on different factors. If Amaryllis doesn't regularly use the shared gift, it will slowly diminish until it's gone, then it would have to be re-shared (usage of it before it's gone will slowly restore it to the original level.)

Gifts that have been shared with her before meeting the team:
- S-class Artificer (from Ryogin, her master)
- A-class lightning (60%)
- S-class restore (she can heal herself 50%, or 100%. The full restore has a 24 hour cool-down, and has to be from a saved archive point.)
- A-class ice (80%)

Later shared gifts:
- B-class flight (90%)
- A-class strength (75%)
- D-class speed (50%)
- Dragonfire
- Servitor
- Reinforce
- Portal