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Nekotia is the home world of the Nekotian race.

Nekotia has two moons and a fairly temperate climate.

Skies are light green. The most common grass is purple in color. Nekotians prefer bright, vivid colors and lighting.



Nekotian society is divided up into kinsets. A kinset is a larger grouping of four to eight families led by an alpha male, with each sub-grouping of familys led by a beta male. (An analogy for a kinset would be a group of several prides of lions.)

The alpha male that leads the kinset receives the title Claal (The title is commonly added as a hyphenated prefix to his given name. So "Bob", would become "Claal-Bob" if he became the leader of a kinset.)

The Claal is elected from among the beta-males that lead each of the family groups, and is Claal for life, though it is an extremely strong tradition that he steps down from a leadership role and "retires" once he determines that he is no longer able to lead his kinset.


Beta-males traditionally have no title, thought "Sub-Claal" is becoming more common for families to become larger, and have males leading their houses, but not the family.

In the distant past, a family unit would consist of one or two males, and two to four females and their respective young. Once they young (kits) reached adulthood, they would either join the family, marry off to another family, or star their own new family.

In recent centuries, this older definition has fallen out of favor, as the young tend to stay with the family unit as a sub-family under the beta-male leading the official family. (The beta-male then handles all the responsibilities for his family, with the sub-family males managing only their own offspring.)

In ancient times, families could be partially distinguished by hair color, but in recent millennia intermarriage between families has has produced every hair color imaginable across the entire planet. The Claal of some of the older kinsets still retain the traditional hair color for their family, but this is no longer a point of pride as it was in times past.


Nekotia is covered by approximately 70% water. There are four major continents.


Nekotian government at a local level consists of the Claal of his kinset, and any Sub-Claals in the kinset. In some kinsets, the Claal will appoint various officials to divvy up further responsibilities, some kinsets elect leaders for positions, and some kinsets have a mixture of appointed and elected officials.

On a global level, Nekotian leadership is divided into two bodies:

Council of Kinsets

The first body of global government is made up of the the Claals of each kinset on the planet. They each have an equal vote on global matters.


The IBTC is a committee made up of older Nekotian women. They are elected from their kinset. Each kinset can elect of number of women to the IBTC based on the population of the kinset (a kinset with a large population can elect more members to the IBTC than a kinset with a smaller population. Thus, kinsets with a larger population have more representation and voting rights in the IBTC.)

The Nekotian government used to only consist of the male Claals until the revolution of the Fourth Age that gave women citizenship and the right to vote. The IBTC was formed as part of that same revolution to give women representation on a global level. In millennia after the revolution, the IBTC now functions to represent all citizens, and serve as a check to the power of the Council of Kinsets.

Each member of the IBTC has one vote.


The Council of Kinsets is in charge of government affairs, with the IBTC serving as a check. Bills and resolutions must pass through the Council before becoming law, the IBTC cannot pass laws on it's own. They can, however, draft laws and pass them to the Council for voting, and the IBTC can also veto a law that is passed by the Council, as long as the veto gets passed in the IBTC with a two-thirds super-majority, with at lest three-quarters of the members present to vote.