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Eyes: Green
Hair: Light-brown
Height: 5' 6"
Gift: Telekinesis
Class: S

Kasai was orphaned at a young age, and grew up bouncing from relative to relative in the northern area of the kingdom of Rogim. The Natas have been pursuing her for her entire life, and they've killed her family and destroyed villages in their attempts to capture here. A half-dragon named Onryo usually shows up when Kasai is in danger, then disappears before anyone can question her.

The destruction that follows Kasai around has lead to her being somewhat notorious in the north. Many of the people in that area consider her cursed, and drove her away when she sought food or shelter.

Kasai ended up at a monastery where the monks of Ard cared for her, and sent her to ABG for college when she turned 18.

Kasai is quiet and introverted, and has trouble opening up to people. She didn't have many friends until she met Onin (and later Tannin, Saija, and Amaryllis) and she's terrified that he'll one day abandon her as well.